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Hindouisme : les fêtes religieuses

Nom Date Catégorie Plus
Raja*Lundi 15 Juin 2015Hindouisme 
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Esala Perahera**Mercredi 8 Juillet 2015Hindouisme 
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Bonalu*Vendredi 10 Juillet 2015Hindouisme 
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Ker Puja*Mercredi 15 Juillet 2015Hindouisme 
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Fête de U Tirot Sing*Vendredi 17 Juillet 2015Hindouisme 
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Teej*Dimanche 26 Juillet 2015Hindouisme 
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Raja -
Vendredi 15 Juin 2018

Hindouisme : The first day of the Raja Sankranti festival is known as Pahili Sankranti, the second day is Raja and third day is Basi Raja.

Esala Perahera -
Samedi 8 Juillet 2017

Hindouisme : A la pleine lune Esala, le festival le plus spectaculaire du Sri Lanka. 10 jours d'activités frénétiques. Des milliers de danseurs, de percussionnistes, de moines participent à d'immenses processions, précédées de 50 éléphants décorés en l'honneur de la relique de la Dent Sacrée dans le Temple d'Or. Des processions ont également lieu dans d'autres localités.

Bonalu -
Lundi 10 Juillet 2017

Hindouisme : Goddess Mahakali is worshiped. Bonalu is an annual festival of Telangana celebrated in Twin Cities Hyderabad, Secunderabad and other parts of Telangana, India. It is celebrated in the month of Ashada Masam, in July/August. Special poojas are performed for Yellamma on the first and last day of the festival. The festival is also considered a thanksgiving to the Goddess for fulfillment of vows.

Ker Puja -
Samedi 15 Juillet 2017

Hindouisme : The celebration occurs two weeks after the Kharchi Puja to honor Ker, the guardian deity of Vastu Devata. It includes offerings, sacrifices, and a prescribed boundary which both safeguards people from calamities and saves people from external aggression. The puja was initiated by the Tripura rajas. Participation in the puja is required for the Halam tribe. For 2.5 days during the festival, entrances to the capital are closed, and participants, including the reigning sovereign, are not allowed to wear shoes, light a fire, dance, or sing. [Wikipedia]

Fête de U Tirot Sing -
Lundi 17 Juillet 2017

Hindouisme : Irot Sing, also known as U Tirot Sing, was one of the chiefs of the Khasi people in the early 18th century. He drew his lineage from the Syiemlieh clan.He was Syiem (chief)of Nongkhlaw, part of the Khasi Hills. His title was Syiem — a constitutional head sharing corporate authority with his Council, generally representatives of leading clans within his territory. Tirot Sing fought against British attempts to take over control of the Khasi Hills [Wikipedia]

Teej -
Mercredi 26 Juillet 2017

Hindouisme : Teej, Hartalika. On this day Goddess Parvati is worshipped. Women, married and unmarried, mainly of Khas ethnicity, assemble at one place, in their finest attire and start dancing and singing devotional songs. Amidst all this, the grand feast takes place. The jollity often goes on till midnight, after which the 24hour fast starts.