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Inde (Orissa/Odisha) - les jours fériés du monde - 1970-2070


Calendrier complet des jours fériés du monde (et des jours de fermeture des banques), de 1970 jusque 2070 for Inde (Orissa/Odisha)

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Week-end : dimanche

anglais (350 millions de locuteurs dans 47 pays), bengali, assamais (180 millions de locuteurs), hindi (200 millions de locuteurs), pandjabi (85 millions de locuteurs), tamoul (55 millions de locuteurs), télougou (70 millions de locuteurs) ...
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Nom Date Catégorie Plus
Maha Shivaratri*Jeudi 21 Février 2019Hindouisme 
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Panchayatiraj DivasMardi 5 Mars 2019Hindouisme 
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Holi ou HolikaDimanche 10 Mars 2019Hindouisme 
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Inventaire des BanquesLundi 1 Avril 2019Clôture des banques 
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Fête de l'Etat*Lundi 1 Avril 2019 Jour férié laïc 
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Ramanavani*Mardi 2 Avril 2019Hindouisme 
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Vendredi Saint*Mercredi 10 Avril 2019Catholique ou protestante 
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Maha Vishub Sankranti*Samedi 13 Avril 2019Hindouisme 
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Anniversaire du Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar*Dimanche 14 Avril 2019 Jour férié laïc 
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vacances d'été (début)Lundi 6 Mai 2019Congés scolaires 
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Savitri Brata*Mercredi 22 Mai 2019Hindouisme 
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Fin du Ramadan (peut varier d'une journée)*Vendredi 24 Mai 2019Islam, Soufi 
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Maha Shivaratri -
Vendredi 21 Février 2020

Hindouisme : A Hindu festival in honor of Lord Shiva and his marriage to Goddess Parvati. Ceremonies involving prayers and hymns take place mostly at night.

Panchayatiraj Divas -
Jeudi 5 Mars 2020

Hindouisme :

Holi ou Holika -
Mardi 10 Mars 2020

Hindouisme :

Inventaire des Banques -
Mercredi 1 Avril 2020

Clôture des banques :

Fête de l'Etat -
Mercredi 1 Avril 2020

Jour férié laïc : N the memory of the formation of the state as a separate province on 1 April 1936. After losing its political identity completely in 1568 following the defeat and demise of the last king Mukunda Dev, efforts resulted in the formation of a politically separate state under British rule on linguistic basis on 1 April 1936. [Wikipedia]

Ramanavani -
Jeudi 2 Avril 2020

Hindouisme : Festivities take place in the Rama temples. recitation of the Ramayana (Perayana), which can last up to 9 days. Classical music and sacred chants.

Vendredi Saint -
Vendredi 10 Avril 2020

Catholique ou protestante : The First Council of Nicaea (a gathering of bishops in the early days of Christianity) wanted to find a day to commemorate the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. This commemoration had to be linked to Jewish holiday traditions, since the last supper of Christ was believed to be a Jewish Passover meal. But the Jewish calendar is based on lunar and solar cycles, so the Easter celebration had to follow the same calendar.

Maha Vishub Sankranti -
Lundi 13 Avril 2020

Hindouisme : The traditional new year day festival of Buddhists and Hindus in Odisha, India. The festival date is set with the solar cycle of the lunisolar calendar, as the first day of the traditional solar month of Mesha. This is identical to the purnimanta system of lunar month Baisakh (on Indian national system, it is the 24th day of Chaitra).

Anniversaire du Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar -
Mardi 14 Avril 2020

Jour férié laïc : This lawyer and politician drafted the constitution of India.

Vacances d'été (début) -
Mercredi 6 Mai 2020

vacances scolaires :

Savitri Brata -
Vendredi 22 Mai 2020

Hindouisme : A fasting day observed by married Hindu women of Nepal and the Indian states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Odisha[1]on the Amavasya, the no moon day in month of Jyeshtha. It is also known as Sabitri Uwaans in Western Odisha region. [Wikipedia]

Fin du Ramadan (peut varier d'une journée) -
Dimanche 24 Mai 2020

Islam, Soufi : Ends the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. There were 30 days of strict fasting from sunup to sundown in honor of the first revelation to the Prophet Mohammed.